Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday.. Not Sure I Like It All That Much

Well, it is Wednesday. A rainy, chilly Wednesday. Days like this I just want to stay in bed and pull the covers up and say no way I am getting up today. Alas, like a good girl, I am up and sort of functioning this morning. I have to have a chat with my cat because she is driving me crazy at night! I am still hurting because of my back and I know she knows this, so she wants to be with me all the time. Well, normally that is not a bad thing, but she is a bed hog!

I have been looking back on the Gulf oil spill and reading the articles on it. Some are saying that the Gulf is healthier than it was before that big oil spill last year. I only hope that is true because being that I lived on the Gulf side of Florida most of my life, I know how bad it was when all that happened. So many small towns along the Gulf made their living by tourist trade and when the spill happened, it was so very devastating there.

I can not believe that Easter is Sunday!! Holy crap! The beginning of this year has been flying by!! I don’t think I am going to church on Easter though. Especially if my back is still like it has been. I went last Sunday and it was difficult to say the very least.

Well, I think I am going to go now. I am tired and I am going to go watch TV. Ciao!!

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  1. I wish the gulf was healthier now than it was before, but after seeing a special on it last night I am not so sure that is healthier.

    I wrote a good thing about BP today, you should read it.


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