Saturday, April 23, 2011

Funny Stuff That Happened To Me…

Through all the pain and crap with my back, some really funny stuff happened to me this week. One of which is that while flipping through my channel guide, I saw a movie that I wanted to watch and turned the channel on and after a few minutes could not understand why I was not understanding the movie. Well, it was because it was on the Spanish channel and I don’t speak Spanish.

Soooo, that explains why I was watching a movie I could not understand at all. And honestly, was watching it for like 20 minutes or so. Yeah. I know.

Another funny thing that happened was that I had ordered pizza Monday night. I asked for sausage and extra cheese and ham. I think I got bacon, ham and extra cheese. I say that I think because I ate almost the whole thing before I realized that it was wrong. Yeah I know.

Well those are two humorous stories from my week… Hope you enjoy them! Ciao!


  1. You are silly! You aren't the only one who does that when it comes to watching the telly... either I watch something in spanish or I set the reminder for programming on a channel I don't actually have with my cable box!

  2. I've watched many movies I didn't understand, Tawnya, and those were all in English! Sounds like you're doing just fine.



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