Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday=Music Day

Most of my readers know that I am a music junkie. Way more cost effective than being a drug or alcohol junkie, just not sure if it is more fun or not. KIDDING People. On my MP3 player, I have playlists from 1980-1990. One for each year. For me, it is interesting to hear the musical progression of that decade.

Because I found an amazing deal on a Zune Mp3 player on Amazon, I upgraded from a 16GB to a 32GB. This is my first Zune and I have to admit that I am rather impressed with it. It is an HD model with a touchscreen. I can listen to HD radio if I so desire. A friend of mine, bought me a dock for my Zune. Since the majority of the docks out there are made for iPods specifically, it is not like I can just go buy one and plug any old MP3 player into it. If it was like that I would have gotten one a long time ago!

Now, to be honest, I never really saw the relevance of a dock for an MP3 player before. Maybe because like the MP3 player itself and my lap top, I had to have one to appreciate it all the more. This is a wonderful thing. It charges the MP3 player and plays the music so I can listen to it without having my earphones in. Which is kind of handy because now I can hear the phone ring. (A whole other story there)

The best part is that the dock was $43 on Amazon. Which is an amazing price! I had looked at them and I put it on my wish list for Amazon and a friend of mine got it for me as a late Christmas present. I am thrilled with it.

Okay, sorry back to music… On these playlists, there are between 76-80 songs from each year. Some I so remember and some, not so much. I totally love that I can listen to a play list of songs from like 1983. Some of the songs make me laugh and wonder why I liked that particular song in the first place. Some, well, I still totally love…

So, as the songs come on from my 1981 playlist, I will list the first ten here:

  1. Let’s Groove- Earth Wind & Fire
  2. The Best Of Times- Styx
  3. Queen of Hearts- Juice Newton
  4. Start Me Up- The Rolling Stones
  5. The Tide is High-Blondie
  6. Jesse’s Girl- Rick Springfield
  7. Love on the Rocks- Neil Diamond
  8. I Don’t Need You- Kenny Rogers
  9. For Your Eyes Only-Sheena Easton
  10. Urgent-Foreigner


  1. Great selections, Tawnya! It's heartwarming to see someone a good bit younger than me appreciating music that's more than an hour old. lol

    Happy Easter!



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