Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking Through the Haze of Pain Meds…

My back is still giving me fits. Ugh. Today starts the third week of class, two more to go then on to Statistics. This morning I was woke up by the sounds of sirens. LOUD sirens. Not a great way to wake up. Since I live on the eighth floor of a building I am very sensitive to fire alarms here. We have had four of them since I moved here. Not good. All false, thank God. So when sirens are that close to me, I tend to freak out a little bit. Happily I am reporting that they were not here for my building, but the apartment complex next door. This complex is so close to my building that it is separated with a chain link fence. Upon hearing said sirens, my cat immediately jumped on me in bed. On. My. Back. ::Sigh:: Which caused me to immediately throw her off, not hard mind you but I needed her off my back like now. 
She is fine, as I write this she is laying on my legs. She does not like sirens or the fire alarms so she tends to freak out. Usually though she runs under the bed, but not this morning. I am pretty sure I have claw marks on my back from her, but I have not looked in the mirror yet. I am still rather tired, so thinking a nap is in order before class today. Naps are good. 
Dinner tonight is at Trina's which I am so totally looking forward to. As I do every week. My apartment faces northeast, so every morning I get to see the sun rise, which in itself is a thing of beauty. I miss the sunsets in Florida over the Gulf a lot. There is nothing like that in the world to me. I adopted another soldier, this will be my tenth I think. I already sent him a letter, waiting to hear back from him. My last one is now home safe and sound! Talked to him on the phone the other day and I am thrilled. He actually called me several times from Afghanistan, which is so damn cool. 
I hope that all of this makes some kind of sense because seriously, I took some pain meds for my back and sometimes it does not come out on the page like it is in my head. Go figure. Well, gotta run. Ciao!

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