Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next Week….

I will get back to Wednesday Wishes and Thankful Thursdays next week. Today was just a normal kind of day for me. I have been watching ‘Silk Stalkings’ on the Wii lately and I am into the 3rd season. I think that there is only 4 seasons. So, I am close to being done with that. I have to admit that this Netflix on the Wii thing is a life saver when there is nothing good on.

My poor cat, Dinky, was out of cat treats. Has been for a couple of days now. There were some larger crumbs of past treats left on her cat house. She was eating the larger crumbs this morning of the remaining cat treats. I was like, we need to get you some more cat treats! Poor kitty was eating crumbs. LOL. Luckily Doug brought home kitty treats this morning for her. So, I gave her some whole kitty treats and she is a happy girl now.

On a related note, we gave her some cat nip and now she is acting all crazy. Now she is acting all crack addict on me. Meowing and looking at the cat nip. LOL. Sheesh. I have a cat nip addict on my hands now. I am outta here. Ciao!

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