Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Been Awhile

Hey all, yeah it has been a while I know!! Lots going on some I can talk about finally other stuff, not so much yet. First of all, I have moved schools again. Yeah, Kaplan really messed up my financial aid really bad! I am still dealing with them on that. I have moved to Ashford University now. I started classes on last Monday and so far I like it a lot! So only time will tell there. 

Thanksgiving was pretty quiet around here. Which is what I like. Doug did really good on the dinner. It turned out great!! We are now trying to get ready for Christmas as it is soon! I think that is about it for  now... Ciao!


  1. hope you keep liking your new school! glad you had a good thanksgiving..... mine wasnt that great this year, the day after we were sick for couple days with a stomach virus, not good! lol takecare

  2. glad things are leveling out after the change. also glad to hear from you. Are you still working with SA? If you are, my class would love to write to a unit (even though it might arrive after the holiday).


  3. Hope the new school works out well for you Tawnya! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to Christmas now... and believe it or not, snow. After living in the south for a few years I really appreciate it more now.


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