Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today is Blah.

Not weather-wise of course. Weather wise it is sunny with a few clouds, rather nice considering it has rained a lot lately here in my little corner of the world. It is still cool probably cold, but the sun is shining and while it did snow here a little bit the other day, and yes it stuck for a while on the cars and such, it is rather nice today I think.

It is me that is blah. I woke up in a blah mood. Not really sure why. School is going well. Oh yes, just figured it out. Doug’s sister has invited us to a Hanukkah party the day after Christmas. As far as I know, the one person I do not like will not be there. But Doug’s Aunt and Uncle will be and I want to see them. So, I am going. I know I should sound more happy and excited, but honestly, I can’t. Not until I know for sure that the ‘person from hell’ will absolutely not be there. I know it sounds childish even to me, but after what I went through with this person, I have no desire to set eyes on her ever again and if I see her before she or I dies, it will be way too soon. There is no hatred there or any kind of feeling.

She does not rent space in my head that way. I have no desire to see her or be in the same room with her. I have my boundaries and that is a HUGE one for me. His sister already tried to cross it once and it did not work well for her.

Sunday was Doug’s Christmas party for work and we went. I have to say that honestly it was not as good as last year’s and a lot of people were disappointed I think. It was still kind of fun and the food was good, so all in all a win I would say. It was in the same place as last year and I was okay with that. Because it was a bowling alley and I did not have to get all dressed up, so again a win. I see these people once a year and this is it. LOL. Of course there are one or two that I see more than that, but really, once a year is good.

Doug has been really looking for another job because of the crap Home Depot put him through while he was on medical leave. On the store level, mind you, not the corporate level.  When he went back last Thursday, everyone seemed to have missed him and at the Christmas party a lot of people asked about his foot. He is still in a walking shoe and they are still doing the soft cast thing on his foot, but he is at the foot doctor today so we will see what happens next. The doctor themselves moved him down to the wound care center, where they are aggressively treating his foot. I am not sure why they waited so long to do that myself, but I am not a doctor.  But at least he is back to work and that is important.

I think this is it for now. Ciao.


  1. Sounds like you have a early case of the mid-winter blues... hope that Doug can find another decent place to work... I don't think that the corporate office would like it if he felt he was being harassed... tell him to document every instances for his own records and to talk with an attorney if it gets too egregious..!

  2. Yeah Mark, he is takin notes!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better

  3. I hope you have a nice Christmas! Sorry to hear about Doug's foot.

  4. Lisa...

    His foot is a lot better than it has been!! He is back to work now so things are returning to normal.

  5. I'm sorry about Doug's foot too. It's good that he is able to work now though. I'm sure that is a blessing to you both. Sorry about the blah day. I have those too, especially now, with my Johnny on hospice. It gets too easy to feel sorry for myself, which isn't ever good. It's so nice to be able to get in touch with some of J-Land people again. Hope we're able to stay connected this time. Have an awesome Christmas.

  6. Home Depot really screwed my Hubby's 1st cousin over. He was the HR manager. They promoted him to District Manager. He got married, bought a new house, and...they laid him off. He ended up losing the house. Took him several years to find a job, but he has a great job now and lives in Denver, Colorado. So wish we were back in Colorado. Glad Doug is back at work. I've been blah lately too, although I have felt better the last few days, thank God! Happy Hew Year!


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