Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Sound Among the Trees- A Review

This novel by Susan Meissner is set in Virginia for the most part. It switches between present time and the 1860’s. I really enjoyed this book because it has it all, romance, loss, perceived betrayal, and redemption. In this book, we see Marielle Bishop, who falls in love with Carter over the internet and on the phone. A very modern way to meet. Marielle is from Phoenix originally and Carter is in Virginia when a mix up with the online dating service that both belong to happens. Marielle is only interested in meeting local Phoenix men, but when Carter’s profile is dropped to her by mistake, she finds that they have so much in common. She emails him and from the beginning she is determined that she will not fall for him. As the emails and later phone calls grow more frequent Marielle finds herself having feelings for Carter and agrees to a meeting.

Carter has lost his wife, Sara four years ago and is living with Sara’s grandmother and his and Sara’s children. When he meets Marielle via online dating service he too is sorry that they do not live closer and is not looking for a long distance relationship. In fact, Carter was pushed into the online dating world by well meaning co-workers and is not sure he is ready for finding someone new. All he knows is that he is lonely and misses loving someone else.


Adelaide is Carter’s grandmother-in-law and owner of Holly Oak. She is ninety years old and has a business of sewing Civil War Confederate uniforms for the reenactments. In the beginning she is not sure how she feels about Carter remarrying someone else. She seems to feel like it would be a betrayal of her granddaughter Sara, if she liked this new person. Sara’s mother Caroline, has been in and out of her life but never hanging around too long. Caroline suffers from mental illness that runs through the family.

Holly Oak is the main character of this story, but is not human. It is a centuries old house that has seen a lot of hurt and anger in it’s time. Surviving the Civil War with a cannon ball stuck in the side of it, it is a strong house that was the backdrop to lies, betrayal, love, hurt, death, and in the end is still standing tall.

I read this book quickly and loved it very much! Such an awesome story and enough mystery to keep me turning the pages. I would recommend this book to everyone.

I got this book for free from WalterBrook Multnomah for the express reason of this review.


A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

I received this book for free for the sole purpose of the review from WalterBrook Multnomah.

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