Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catching Ya’all Up

Due to a book snafu, I have been on a break from school which ends today. Yep, I am back in class today. I missed it so it is not that big of a deal really. For the last couple of weeks I have been just relaxing because I had taken a really horribly boring business psychology class and I nearly did not make it through. I passed with a C- and I was so damn happy about that! I am on to child psych and hopefully it will not be so horrible. One can hope, right?

Yesterday I fell. I got up at my normal time of 3:30am and while walking to the bathroom, I think I tripped over the cat. I tried to catch myself and I only succeeded in hitting my head on the bedroom door, landing on my right knee, jarring my back, neck and right shoulder. I did  not know about the shoulder thing until I went to bed last night and laid on it. I am fine. Nothing broken, just my pride is wounded and I am bruised up a bit. I am very sore this morning though. Ugh.

So, as I have mentioned, my Facebook page was hacked and I can not get into it. I know that some of you who read here are friends with me on Facebook, so I have another page you can find here. For a while I could not get into this blog either, but have since fixed that with the help of my friend Peachy!! Thanks Peach!

Well, I think that this is all for right now. Ciao!!

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  1. Found a feed from this blog on your OLD facebook page, Tawnya. Are Facebook not helping you to recover access to it?


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